W1M tipping body

W1M is a body of special purpose – designed for transport in difficult exploitation conditions in mines. The vehicles equipped with such a body are a perfect solution for repetitive transport cycles of the load from the place of extraction to e.g the crusher. After a proper preparation of the transport road they can successfully replace traditional dump trucks. However, the greatest advantage of using bodies on trucks is a lower cost of purchase and service as well as better fuel economy.


The body has a characteristic shape with a raised rear part of the floor securing the load against falling out as well as a big roof protecting the cab against rocks.  


A reinforced sandwich type floor is made of several millimeter high-resistant steel plate on top, shock-absorbing rubber layer and a third special construction layer with numerous vertical profiles withstanding the impacts of big rocks.


The lack of side reinforcements reduces the weight of the body and thus, increases its payload. Due to elastic properties of modern steel , the kinetic energy of the impact, even of rocks with considerable fraction, is perfectly absorbed.