„Polish bodies for loose material transport” – an interview in September edition of „Powder&Bulk”

Adam Krzyżowski speaks with Łukasz Glica, Deputy Sales Director in KH-KIPPER Sp. z o.o. company from Kajetanów near Kielce

Adam Krzyżowski: I suppose that KH-KIPPER is the biggest Polish producer of tipping bodies on trucks if its annual production reaches the level of over one thousand units. What percentage of your bodies is destined for loose material sector and what type of companies are most interested in such a product? 

Łukasz Glica: KH-KIPPER is the main producer of tipping bodies on chassis over 12 t GVW in Poland. Our products are also exported to many countries all over Europe in which we are more and more noticeable. Over 50% of our tipping bodies are destined for loose material transport. They are made for road and highway construction as well as transport-construction companies, gravel pits or aggregate mining enterprises. 

A.K.: Apart from bodies KH-KIPPER also produces trailers and semi-trailers. Do you plan to build a new production factory? 

Ł.G.: Currently we have two production factories near Kielce – in Kajetanów and Skarżysko-Kamienna which are able to meet our needs in 100%. We constantly invest in the development of both factories, their efficiency improvement and quality of production. For example, at present we are working on expanding the storehouse area. With respect to a stable growth of sales we do not exclude further investments which would increase our production capacity. 

A.K.: How long does the client have to wait for the body from placing the order and what is the situation with warranty and post warranty service? 

Ł.G.: The standard lead time from placing the order is approx. 8–12 weeks. Every KH-KIPPER product has a 12-month warranty with the possibility to extend it up to 24 months on condition of performing regular check-ups. The service works are performed all over Poland and Europe due to our cooperation with authorised service points and sales partners. KH-KIPPER can also provide a mobile service team which is able to reach clients both in Poland and abroad. 

A.K.: In its branch KH-KIPPER is also the main exporter. Which foreign markets are most popular? 

Ł.G.: Currently the export production reaches approx. 80%. We export to Western and Eastern Europe as well as Scandinavia. Tippers with KH-KIPPER bodies work on construction sites and mines in Germany, France, Romania, CIS countries and even New Caledonia or Brazil. 

A.K.: KH-KIPPER is also known for getting a lot of awards for innovation. Have you received any new prizes recently? 

Ł.G.: This year in spring we have received an honourable mention at Autostrada-Polska trade fair in Kielce – for an improved construction of half-pipe body – and in Moto Idea competition in Wrocław organized by the leaders of the Polish automotive industry. Our activity on different markets requires from us a constant development and product adjustment. We are aware that the company has to develop and fulfil the changing needs of our clients, maintain good quality and proper support. This is why the greatest satisfaction for us is when the customer comes back to buy new equipment. In my opinion this is the best confirmation that it is worth doing our best. 

A.K.: Thank you for the interview.