First Renault 8x6 with KH-KIPPER body

In July KH-KIPPER made a three-way tipping body on the first Renault 8x6 chassis from the new K range. The vehicle was ordered by one of the dynamically operating companies in Odolanów ( Greater Poland Voivodeship). 

The KH-KIPPER three-way tipping body is designed mainly for the construction transport and is equipped with a left hydraulic side wall opened up to 180 degrees. This solution enables to unload the material within some distance from the wheels and makes the loading with a fork lift easier. The body was additionally equipped with i.a. type approved rear bumper and French door opened to the sides allowing for transport of long objects. 

The new range of Renault Trucks construction vehicles was designed with the use of very resistant elements, components and constructional solutions. The new K range chassis include a lot of innovative solutions: a smaller turning circle improving maneuverability, first driving axle, great ground clearance and a perfect approach angle. 

The durability is also visible in the vehicles appearance. The aerodynamic construction of the cab improves maneuverability and reduces wind resistance whereas a completely steel bumper reduces the cost of a potential replacement.