Now a greater load capacity of the mining tippers

The growing cost of transport is the reason for new solutions which aim at making the load capacity of the vehicle greater. The mining body W1M with a unique shape of the body without side reinforcements designed by KH-KIPPER is characterized with lower own weight of the body and thus, greater load capacity. 

While preparing the design, the constructors took advantage of the elastic properties of the HARDOX steel. The kinetic energy of the impact while loading rocks even of considerable fraction is successfully dispersed. 

Mining bodies are bodies of special construction developed for exceptionally difficult exploitation conditions. They are exposed to continuous wear during the transport of high fraction material. The highly impact-resistant sandwich floor used in the W1M body is made of three layers – steel and absorbing rubber. The use of modern impact-resistant steel ensures proper strength and lifetime of the body. The characteristic rise in the rear part of the body prevents against falling out of the material during transport on uneven terrain. 

One of the most important demands made towards the vehicles is productivity and safety. Therefore, great emphasis is put on improving the tipping time by the use of modern HYVA ALPHA cylinders. All moving elements in KH-KIPPER body are connected to the central greasing system. Due to this, the time of service operation activities of the body is reduced to the minimum. 

W1M with reinforcements without reinforcements
fraction 0,0 – 1 200 mm 0,0 – 800 mm
5-axle chassis load capacity 22-27 m3 load capacity 28 m3
4-axle chassis load capacity 18-24 m3 load capacity 22 m3

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