KH-KIPPER as one of the first in „My Inner Strenx” programme

KH-KIPPER is one of the three companies in the world which joined „My Inner Strenx” programme. The application of the new Strenx steel – earlier well known as DOMEX, OPTIM, WELDOX – in tipping bodies and other KH-KIPPER products has a significant influence on the material technology improvement as well as the production methods. Using high-quality materials allows KH-KIPPER to continuously improve its innovative solutions and thus provide the customers with better products at the same price. 

My Inner Strenx programme certifies the application of Strenx steel as SSAB approved design and production solutions. In practice, the members of the programme have access to the latest producer’s product knowledge, workshop practice and the preference of access to the newest design methods with the use of high-resistant Strenx steel. 

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