KH-KIPPER wishes you a Merry Christmas


Please receive our warmest Merry Christmas wishes and all the best in the upcoming New Year. May it be successful so that all your dreams and goals come true.

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KH-KIPPER has just turned 18 years old!


Established in year 1997, the KH-KIPPER company mainly known for producing tipping bodies on trucks is celebrating 18 years of its operation.    During this 18 years we have managed to develop a position

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Faster tipping time in KH-KIPPER bodies


The new generation hydraulic cylinder HYVA ALPHA used in KH-KIPPER rear tippers ensures approximately 20% faster time of raising and lowering of the body. A lighter and, at the same time, more resistant

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POL-ECO-SYSTEM municipal trade fair in Poznań


Due to the combination of four trade events the POL-ECO-SYSTEM became the biggest Polish trade fair devoted to innovative solutions and technology on environmental protection and sustainable development.

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10 000 KH-KIPPER tippers!


This year for KH-KIPPER is exceptional because apart from celebrating the 18th birthday of its operation, the company also celebrates an unusual production jubilee – the ten thousandth tipper has left

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KH-KIPPER as „The Eagle Export of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship”


The companies from the Świetokrzyskie Voivodeship which have recently contributed to the development of Polish export were honoured in Kielce. KH-KIPPER was awarded in two categories „The most dynamic

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„Polish bodies for loose material transport” – an interview in September edition of „Powder&Bulk”


Adam Krzyżowski speaks with Łukasz Glica, Deputy Sales Director in KH-KIPPER Sp. z o.o. company from Kajetanów near KielceAdam Krzyżowski: I suppose that KH-KIPPER is the biggest Polish producer of

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Comtrans Commercial Vehicle Show


The W1M mining body developed by KH-KIPPER with its unique shape without side reinforcements is characterized by a lower weight of the body and thus, greater load capacity. This new version of the body

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Soon the election of the most beautiful Scania truck


On the 5th September the most beautiful Scania trucks will be fighting for the title of „Pomorska Miss Scania”. At the event organized by the Gdańsk branch of Scania Polska one will be able to see

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First Renault 8x6 with KH-KIPPER body


In July KH-KIPPER made a three-way tipping body on the first Renault 8x6 chassis from the new K range. The vehicle was ordered by one of the dynamically operating companies in Odolanów ( Greater Poland

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Now a greater load capacity of the mining tippers


The growing cost of transport is the reason for new solutions which aim at making the load capacity of the vehicle greater. The mining body W1M with a unique shape of the body without side reinforcements

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KH-KIPPER as one of the first in „My Inner Strenx” programme


KH-KIPPER is one of the three companies in the world which joined „My Inner Strenx” programme. The application of the new Strenx steel – earlier well known as DOMEX, OPTIM, WELDOX – in tipping

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Eighteen KH-KIPPER Master Trucku


This year’s show of custom made trucks Master Truck is an opportunity for KH-KIPPER to celebrate the eighteenth birthday of operation. All truck fans, also these custom made ones, can find on the company’s

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A fast transport of municipal waste


The transport sector continuously seeks for new solutions which would allow to increase the load capacity and reduce the fuel consumption in relation to every tonne of load being transported. A similar

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